Empathy and exploring feelings


I have passionately believed for many years in the power of good quality picture books to help build empathy and understanding and to help children, teenagers and adults to understand their emotions and those of others. In the light of these exceptional times we now find ourselves in because of #Covid-19. Where many of us are having to deal with all sorts of emotions. I have put together a special collection of books called ‘Emotions and picture books’ to help schools support children, but this may be of interest to parents and carers too, please click on the button below. You will also find some books which celebrate children’s bonds with their grandparents and a few that deal specifically with grief if you scroll down to the bottom of this section. 


Emotions and Picture books



This collection of picture books includes:

    • diverse characters
    • some books explore feeling in a humorous light-hearted way. Others are more thoughtful and reflective.
    • fun imaginative stories that are great to read aloud but which also celebrate difference and build empathy/understanding of others
    • fabulous authors and illustrators to engage readers

Most are suitable across the primary age range. Shadow and Witch-fairy are more suited to 9+ years.  Some books also great for older kids.

I can provide more information about the books on request

Please note: due to some restrictions of book availability due to #Covid-19 there area a few titles I currently can’t get.



Friendship and Sharing








Identity and Believing in Yourself

Feelings – General

Feelings- Loss, Change, and Depression and Sadness

Celebrating grandparents and dealing with the loss of grandparent


Grief, Loss and Depression 

For ones specific to a loss of a grandparent, please see above. 

Mini-set for secondary schools (most are also suitable for primary)