Fiction 8 to 13 years


Had my daughter found the transition to chapter books remotely easy I might not have discovered the joys of reading middle-grade fiction as an adult. I have spent the last 4 years building up my knowledge of children’s fiction and there are always new surprises.


Please do check out the books in my 7 to 9 years section as well as there are older readers will love many of the titles.


A number of books in this section are shorter reads, but they still take you on exciting and rewarding journeys. 


I have many more titles in stock so please get in touch if you don’t see quite what your are looking for. Or if you need any advice or recommendations 


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Heartfelt and funny reads 8 to 12 years



More examples of original funny reads.


Stories with a touch of magic (more fantasy books in stock)


Historical Fiction with plenty of adventure



Spooky reads – more books arriving soon



Heart felt and heartwarming reads for 11+ years 

Lost by Ele Fountain (suitable for 9+)

A wonderful introduction introduction to life on the streets of India. Which unravels in a cleverly staged plot which provides a gentle awareness for the reader.