Empathy picture books


I passionately believe in the power of great picture book stories to help children, young people and adults, understand themselves and others. In these uncertain times they can also be great in helping children explore their own feelings, and help us to look for positives and inspire hope.  Many more books are also available please get in touch if you don’t see quite what you need. 


For books that fit in large letter  postage to Mainland UK is free. For other books there is a flat per parcel charge of £2.50 


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Bespoke empathy sets Whatever your need, whether it’s to build understanding  or help children handle their feelings I have an extensive knowledge of children’s picture books books that can help. Please get in touch: @melissacreate15 or Contact Me


My summer pick: picture books which are great stories that will also inspire hope and understanding



Stories that explore refugees experience and movement across borders.


More books available on this theme.


Tomorrow is by Nadine Kadan is also great for exploring fears and depression. The focus on the war in Syria (you do not see) and what a young boy who is missing school and the park will resonate with kids today. Read my review here.





Lot’s more books with an empathy theme and exploring feelings, being you, friendship, worries and grief of all kinds available on request.