Letterbox books


A hand-picked selection of shorter chapter books and some picture books

All books in this section will fit  through a letterbox and will be delivered by Royal Mail large letter post.

All items in this section are fee postage to mainland UK. 

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Grace Ella: Spells for Beginners and Grace Ella Witch Camp (6 to 10 year olds)

Meet a plucky young girl and her cat Mr Whiskins. One day Grace-Ella discovers she is a witch who has a lots to learn. Great characters and a fun story line that gently introduces issues of bullying. 

For anyone that hoped to go on a residential Grace-Ella Witch Camp is the perfect read, with friendship, teamwork, spells (that don’t  always work as expected), whilst also introducing magical portals and quests. It will also open the door to future reads. 

The author Sharon-Marie Jones has made some great activity worksheets perfect for home learning and school. Click here.


Shifty Mcgifty and Slipper Sam 
Shifty McGifty and Slipper Sam: The Missing Masterpiece

Picture books great fun 4 to 10 years. 

In this set of two picture books discover two delightful dogs. In the first book they turn out to not be very good at stealing things. But, they discover they are very good at baking cakes. Where ever they go they end up solving crimes, this time it’s a missing painting in Paris.

Want to draw you own Shifty McGifty and Slipper Sam check out illustrator Steve Lenton’s Draw Along Lenton videos on his website.


Detective and Fearless set  (Ages 7 to 11 years)

Anisha Accidental Detective – Serena Patel and Emma McCann

About an asian girl who’s Aunts husband gets kidnapped just before their wedding day. Anisha has to become a detective to solver the clues and save the day.  Great characters and plenty of humour. 

Fierce Fearless and Free – Lari Don and Eilidh Muldoon

Great collection of short stories of girls in myths and legends who make their own minds up. They save the day through: wit, bravery and resilience without the help of a handsome prince!




Great shorter reads for 6 to 9 year olds

You might also want to check out the first chapter books in my Early Readers section. 



Great shorter reads for 9 to 12 year olds.