Magic and adventure fantasy



One of the delights of discovering fiction for 7 to12 year olds, 6 years ago as an adult reader was discovering just how varied this genre is. 


I passionately believe that every child can love fantasy. They just need: a) to be read some gateway fantasy reads b)help in finding fantasy stories that are just right for them right now


Here is a hand-picked selection. Many more books available.



Gateway to fantasy – introduce a child to these fantastic reads and you will open the door to future reads




Not to be Missed: Adventure Fantasy 7+


Shorter original fantasy reads – under 240 pages


Arthur and the Golden Rope is an illustrated graphic novel style picture book 




Orion Lost, Alistair Chisholm 9+


The Loop, Ben Oliver 12+


Not to be Missed: Adventure Fantasy 9+



More great reads – great for 10+