Middle grade and YA fiction

I currently have 50+ chapter book stories in stock for all ages and interests  from 7 to 13 years. 


A small selection of them are available to buy directly from my online shop in the four sections devoted to chapter books. They focus on on engaging shorter reads (under p240 pages).  You make want to take advantage of my specially priced chapter book bundle, where you can choose 4 in stock books for £22*  I will ask you a few questions and make personal recommendations of a hand-picked selection of books for you to choose from. If you need suggestions you are welcome to contact me.

 * please note a few titles are excluded from this offer.


How I select the books

Five years ago in an attempt to find chapter books my daughter actually wanted to read I discovered middle grade fiction. I haven’t looked back. Having previously loved non-fiction but not really got on with adult fiction I found midd-grade fiction a refreshing change, stories full of heart and hope. As I reflected on my own reading journeys, and that of my two children now aged 9 and 12. I realised that there were certain sorts of stories that were more likely to hit the right note, that some would open many doors to future reads, and there was such a thing as the right story at the right time for each reader. Many of the chapter books in my selection are ones that me or my children have enjoyed. For others I have used reviews and recommendations by the many reading teachers, parents and librarians that I have had the pleasure to get to know in bookish communities on twitter  (Find me on twitter: @melissacreate15). 


I have a child under who has lost interest in reading or is a reluctant reader?


They are under 9 years 


Take a look at my emerging readers section for some ideas that might help. 


They are 9 years or older


At this age they may need more of an individual response.  But, please take comfort from the fact that as a child develops as a reader and is a person it is perfectly normal to change their reading interests. In fact it is my experience that is is the majority of 9 to 12 year olds not the minority that need support at some points to help them navigate their book choice and find books that are relevant to them right now.


The illustrated fiction books at the bottom of this page could be a good place to start for some children.  


I have a confident and enthusiastic reader 


Most of the middle grade books I stock will engage readers of all abilities and many interests, including the shorter ones. Please let you children or young people read them if they want to.  I also have a  varied selection of fantastic reads in stock, please contact me to find out more.  



Illustrated fiction for older children


In the last few years there have been some fantastic middle grade stories (for children aged 8+ years) that published with eye-catching black and white illustrations.  What’s different about these stories is their originality, depth of story and well developed characters and plots. They can be a great way to encourage a reader into a love of stories. But, please let your confident readers read them too.!  In addition to chapter books there are also a number of picture books and graphic novels pitched at older children. A selection of books are shown below.