Chapter books to read aloud to year 2 and year 3

In my experience there is a significant shift that goes on between the start of year 2 and the end of year 3 in terms of children’s reading journeys, but because one year group is in KS1 and the other in KS2 this is sometimes overlooked. 


If you are new to year 2 please do not underestimate the value of reading aloud picture books to this age group and I’d highly recommend that you spend a lot more time reading picture books (at least for the first two terms) than anything else.  


About 18 months ago, after many conversations with parents and teachers of 6 to 8/9 year olds I put together some suggested read aloud’s for year 2 and year 3. Several of which would be great for older and younger children too. Whether you looking for a book to read aloud to a class or to share with an individual child there are some great suggestions in the pictures below. 


Please also take a look at my Stepping into Chapters page


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