Empathy Picture Books


As humans story telling in all it’s forms (not just books) is wired in our DNA. We share, learn, discover through stories. Put powerful stories together with some of the best children’s illustrators and through pictures and text you can develop visual literacy, open up many opportunities for discussion, help children explore emotions and feelings and support well-being in your school. 


Based on many years of experience of reading and sharing picture books to my own children, and talking to educators both in person and via the fabulous bookish twitter (@melissacreate15)  I have hand-picked a selection of Empathy picture books. Every books is a great story and with an illustrator who enables you to get full use of the power of picture books. The collection is aimed at primary schools, but many of the books would work equally well in providing support to individuals in secondary. 


To makes it easier for you to pick out the books you need I have divided my curated collection of empathy picture books into 5 areas. 


Find out more:
    • If you live within 1 hours drive of Cambourne, South Cambridgeshire I can come and speak to you staff about empathy picture books, contact me to find out more. 
    • Contact me. 


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