About Me


Hi my name is Melissa Jordan. I am an independent seller of children’s books, based in Cambourne, near Cambridge. My curated collection of children’s books includes books for all ages from babies to young adult, from a range of publishers. I passionately believe that every child can enjoy reading for pleasure. Whilst some children will appear to read anything, others are more particular about what they read.  The way a story is written and what is is about will make a difference to whether a child finds a book they want to read. The good news is that there is a great variety of books to choose from. Through my regular pop-stalls including Over market, my customers are always excited to find something new. With my £4 sale box I cater for all budgets. With my chapter books selections I have built up a particular reputation amongst some of my customers in helping their children find their next read, whether it is a child who has lost interest in reading or an avid reader a parent is struggling to keep up with suitable suggestions for. 


I have been a seller of children’s books for over five years. The more I have found out about children’s books and about ways of encouraging reading for pleasure, the more I have wanted to share this with others, so that more children can find out about the fantastic variety of children’s books out there. To state the obvious you can’t choose a book you do not know exists! Having spent nearly 10 years working with young people before my children were born, and being a parent for 10 years, I know that children and young people always surprise you. Many of them do care about what they read and the world we live in. Give them a ‘heart felt’ story where the characters and setting have meaning to them and they will want to read it.


Through multiple conversations with my customers, and my own observations of children’s reading journeys (including my own kids), and being part of some many great discussions in the bookish communities on twitter I have pleasure to be part of (@melisscreate15). I have also learnt alot about the things that support children’s literacy development in the widest sense and many ways to foster #reading for pleasure. In the past year I have been focusing on developing a couple of ideas to help, children, parents (and significant adults in a child’s life) and teachers broaden their knowledge of the books that are out there and encourage them to pick up something new. For those on colour banded reading schemes (reception to year 2) I have developed my idea of Reading Pairs, which put simple is designed to encourage both regular reading and regular reading aloud both of which I believe are essential to developing competent and motivated readers in the future. For children in year 2, 3 and  4 (and year 1 in summer term).  I have developed the idea of Reading Pathway Collections, where fun and exciting combinations of books are put together, which help build connections between picture books and chapter books, gently challenge perceptions, and help children to find new books they want to read for pleasure. 


Melissa Jordan, Readers that Care, Cambourne, Cambridge