Readers that Care School Book Club

Hi my name is Melissa Jordan. Thank you for your interest in my school book club and for wanting to making a difference to reading for pleasure in your school. 


I am an experienced independent bookseller (6+ years) stocking a curated collection of high quality and unique books from a range of publishers. I have been a member of bookish communities on twitter (@melissacreate15) for 6+ years. Which is a supportive, creative and generous community it is a joy to be part of. Being part of this community has developed my knowledge of children’s books and understanding of the processes and dynamics that help children become children who are able to and want to read for pleasure.


March 2020 to May 2021 has because of the impact of Covid-19 has been an extra-ordinary time for all of us. Having previously done pop-up book stalls I was unexpectedly thrust into setting up an online shop. At a similar time two of my schools chose to trust me in supplying a hand-picked £100 bundle of books for their school each half-term. I have loved helping individual (via my website) and school customers choose books that work for the children in their lives. Being confined to selling books from a room in my attic made me re-evaluate why I choose the books I do and how I arrange them into collections to make it easier for children to find books they love. 


My school book club starts at £100 a term, with a termly bundle of high quality books tailored to your school.  It is designed to help you get quality books into your school at affordable prices, and to help you grow collections of books that work for your school.  You may want to focus you collection in some way, e.g empathy picture books, or chapter books to help emerging readers become excited about reading, or building up a non-fiction collection.


Getting new books is exciting, by repeating this experience on a regular basis you are sending out a clear and consistent message that you value books and reading. 


Below are some answers to a few common questions of how my club works. But, if you have any further questions or just want to chat about how it might work for your school please do get in touch.


I look forward to hearing from you


Melissa x



Who can join?

    • Open to small number of schools in mainland UK each academic year.
    • Existing schools can automatic option to renew.


What books can I get and how can I help you choose?

For an idea of the wide and varied curated selection of books I stock. Please take a look round my website, including in the online shop. But, please note this only shows a small selection of books available and that as I sell most of my chapter books in bespoke boxes so they are not on my website. 


As a school club member the first step will be to have a conversation with you to find out what area or areas you would like to focus on. Then I will make some personal suggestions of books, based on my extensive knowledge for you to choose from. 


In return for you repeat custom (each term) you get special discounts on the books in your bundle. You can also order other collections of books at a special members discount according to your need. 


Extra discounts on additional purchases ?

If you decide that there are other books you need in addition to your termly bundle. You can get book club discounts on specific collections. For example one school bought a collection of books focusing around environmental issues and change makers, another chose to invest in Maverick early readers for those on pink to green level. 


What are the school book club membership options?

Option A 
    • £100 book bundle a term
    • Minimum 2 terms
    • Pay the £200 for the two bundles in advance

Option B

    • £100 book bundle a term or half-term
    • Minimum 3 terms
    • Pay £200 for the first two terms in advance, option to then be billed per bundle. But, some schools choose to pay it all up front for the year. 


Do I have to pay postage?

One parcel per £100 bundle is free when delivered by UPS Standard delivery to mainland UK.*

*Additional charges may apply for heavier parcels and some newly published books (if a separate parcel is required).