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Get regular book parcels containing a curated collection of high quality children's books, tailored to the unique needs of your school.

Hi, my name is Melissa Jordan. Thank you for your interest in my school book club and for wanting to making a difference to reading for pleasure in your school. 


I am an experienced independent children’s bookseller (7+ years) stocking a curated collection of high quality children’s books from a range of publishers. I have been a member of bookish communities on Twitter (@melissacreate15) for 7+ years. It is a supportive, creative and generous community. Being part of this community has developed my knowledge of children’s books and understanding of the processes and dynamics that help children become children who are able to and want to read. I have also attended a number of conferences by UKLA and Open University which have provided exciting opportunities to discuss books and explore ways to develop reading for pleasure. 


How each school chooses to use their School Book Club bundles varies. My primary school book club members in the Wirral (Liverpool) have focused primarily on building up their collection of non-fiction books. But, sometimes wanted to add a collection of graphic novels, diverse texts and/or empathy picture books. Whilst my small British forces school in Germany has sometimes wanted a hand-picked selection of engaging fiction texts. 


 In our small schools it’s great to have someone like Melissa with her knowledge and expertise in children’s books, to choose them for us. We introduce the books in assembly when the book parcel arrives. I remember one of our reluctant readers said ‘that’s just the kind of book I like’ and promptly ran off with to read it.

       John, Head Teacher of a British Forces school, Germany


If you’d like to find out more please follow the links at the bottom of this page. 

Or Contact Me to discuss your needs.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Melissa x


Melissa Jordan 

Readers that Care


Reasons to join my School Book Club
    • You benefit from my expert knowledge of children’s books and what works. 
    • You get excellent discounts on a wide variety of high quality children’s books, making your money go further and building your schools book collections easier. 
    • The excitement of a new parcel arriving helps to promote book talk and create a buzz and excitement around books , both of which research has identified encourage reading for pleasure.
    • As I build a relationship with your over time, and keep track of all the books you receive from me I can keep an eye out for great deals on books that meet you needs.

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