Alien Jam and Legend of Kevin

Review by Toby (age 8):


I loved reading An Alien in the Jam Factory because it was so funny but a bit serious too. We know Chrissie so it was really exciting to read her book but that isn’t why I love it.

I find reading hard and the words get jumbled on the page. It puts me off but I love hearing stories. My mum read Alien in the Jam Factory to me first and one night she read six chapters because I didn’t want her to stop. Then I wanted to read it myself. It was a big challenge but I wanted to do it because I love the story. It was better because I know the story but also because there are brilliant pictures on every page of the book and not many pages are all writing. I don’t like that. It sometimes makes me feel sick. I have now read the book twice and I will probably read it again too. I am looking forward to the second book in March.

The other books I really enjoy are the Kevin the Rocky Poly Flying Pony books. They also have lots of pictures with the writing and it makes it not feel so scary to read. The stories are so funny and a lot happens in each chapter. Also the chapters are not too long. I have read all three Kevin books (Biscuit Bandit) is my favorite and I am looking forward to book 4 later this summer. I also really loved Pugs of the Frozen North. I liked reading about the different people and the animals pulling their sleighs.

I think it really matters how a book looks inside. If the writing is small and squashed together and if there aren’t any pictures, it makes me feel scared and sick and I don’t want to read it. These books have really helped me be able to read and enjoy it.

Toby chose two of his favorite pictures from the books:

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  1. Thanks so much for your review, Toby! I’m glad you like the Kevin books and Pugs of the Frozen North. Thanks for taking the time to write about it! Sending best wishes and virtual custard creams x

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