Key publishers


For the benefit of all my customers both individual and school,. I thought it would be helpful to highlight a few of the publishers that form a core part of my collections.  For my Readers that Care School Book Club Members, or those considering joining all of the publishers mentioned below I deal directly with so you are welcome to request any of their in stock titles as part of your termly, or half-termly book bundles.  BOOK


Non-fiction books



Flying Eye Books 


The quality of hardback non-fiction books published by Flying Eye books is outstanding. They have some great books especially for year 4, 5 and 6 that link really well with the Science and Geography curriculum.


If you need to update your non-fiction book collection for Key Stage 2 then start here.  


There are also some great non-fiction titles for younger children too.



What on Earth Books 


There are some outstanding books in this collection that would make a fantastic addition to home or school libraries. The kind of books you want to dip into and keep coming back to for form. If you like ‘old school’ fiction but with themes that fascinate kids, presented in engaging and imaginative ways.


Nosy Crow the star all rounder


Nosy Crow is has some outstanding books for all ages from 0 to 13 years.


There lift the flap board books have over the years been really popular with my customers. They have also recently produced in their Little Explorers series some great board books to help little ones explore their natural world, great for both curious toddlers and reception age children.


I have always been a big fan of their picture books. The kind of stories that kids want read to them time and time again, but that have plenty to interest so the grown-ups won’t get board. Plus all their picture books come with free Stories Aloud, a free downloadable version of the story. 


There are some real gems among their non-fiction collection from their Little Explorers board book series, to their non-fiction books for 9+ that encourage you to think around a topic.


Their KS2 chapter book fiction list continues to get better and better. I am especially excited about some of their recent fantasy and sci-fi books for 9+, that really are some of the best stories there are. 


Diverse small publisihers


There are so many small publishers I could have given a shout out to.. There are two in particular I want to highlight. 

Lantana Publishing 

A small independent publisher with some thoughtful picture books stories, who is giving a voice to under represented BAME groups. Their stories flight characters from a range of backgrounds and countries, including a number of their authors and illustrators. Some of my favourites are shown above.


If I could only pick one it would probably have to be Boundless Sky by Amanda Addison. The parallel journeys of a swallow and refugee girl called Leila, combine bird and human migration making it an accessible story to a wide age range, and helps to build empathy and understanding about those that are forced to flee their home. 

Childs Play 

I have noticed for a while they have great selection of board books and picture books for 1 to 7 years, with diverse representation, many of which also challenge gender stereotypes. They have also published a number of great picture book stories, which will help to build empathy and understanding for 6 to 11 year olds. From mid-August 2022 I am delighted to announce I will be able to order any books from their catalogue for my customers. 


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