The Dragon in the Library by Louie Stowell and illustrated by Davide Ortu

The first of my new Book Ambassador posts, aiming to give a higher profile to new fiction series aimed at 7 to 9 year old’s (many of the stories would appeal to older children as well). This will mainly included review by young people themselves. But, there may be a few review by adults. The aim is to make is easier for children and the grown-ups that support them to find books they want to read. 


A brief overview of the story

Louie had created an original, magical and funny story, with an inventive plot and characters you can really warm to. Kit is dragged to the library on the first day of the school holidays with her friends Alita and Josh. She is bored and fed up until she meets Fatih the librarian who promises to find a book she will love. As the story unravels with plenty of action and twists and turns to keep even the most reluctant of readers engaged. Kit and her friends summer terms out to be far more exciting  than she could have imagined with: dragons and wizards and a library (and the world) to save from Mr Salt.


The Dragon in the Library the Interview

In this post Nancy and Arden from  Dry Drayton Primary school in Cambridgeshire interview each other about The Dragon in the Library.


N: So Arden, tell me about the book.
A: It’s a very good book, it’s very interesting. Whenever you think something’s going to happen, it’s not.
N: Why do you think it’s interesting? What aspects of the story did you like?
A: I feel like when we first met Salt I thought he was going to be an evil wizard, but he’s just a rich businessman. I found it very interesting that witches don’t exist in the story and the only magical givers are wizards.
N: Which characters do you like?
A: Kit, because she’s most like me, she likes adventures.
N: Did you recognise anything from other books?
A: Yes, I have read The Wizard of Fantasy*. I found it interesting that they put it in another book.
N: How did you find the main plot?
A: It’s great, it’s one of my favourite books.

A: So Nancy, did you find the book interesting and if so, what did you find interesting?
N: Yes, I found it interesting because I’ve never read a book with people being in relationships with magical animals and I just liked the book.
A: Which character did you find was most like you?
N: I found myself like Kit in one way and Faith in another. Kit is not very obedient! And Faith is calm.

*The Wizards of EarthsSea by Ursula Le Guin




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