Grace-Ella Spells for Beginners by Sharon Marie Jones

Grace Ella Spells for Beginners by Sharon Marie Jones. Is one of those books I will always remember reading to my own children.  Here is a quote from my reading pebbles blog:

We loved reading Grace Ella together, the characterisation was spot on. My son loved that it featured a cat, he is cat crazy. My daughter loved the magic and that Grace Ella found an inventive way to deal with a girl that was bullying her. We had discovered another read aloud, which was great to read to children of different ages. My daughter enjoyed it so much she said: “Is there another Grace Ella story?” The enthusiasm we got from attending this event lasted long into the Autumn term (2016).

  Melissa Jordan From my blog post June 2017

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In this post Nancy and Arden from year 4 at  Dry Drayton Primary school in Cambridgeshire are back again. This time interviewing each other about Grace Ella Spells for Beginners, with some intriguing questions. 


Grace Ella Spell for Beginners: talking about the story


A: It’s got a very interesting plot, it’s different from most witch stories. There’s a book of rules and I found that rule No.6 was very interesting.

N: What are the characters like?

A: Some are mean, some are nice but you can always picture what they look like and when you turn the page you are right.

N: Where is it set? Do you like the setting?

A: I like the setting because it is at a school for girls and that’s the type of setting I like.

N: What stories do you think of when you read this?

A: It’s particularly unique but I do think of the book Carbonel.

N: Who’s the bad guy, if there is one, and what does he/she do?

A: There isn’t really a bad guy, there’s just a bully who does horrible things but in the end Grace – Ella gets even.

N: What’s the main plot of the story?

A: That Grace – Ella is a witch because her cat told her so.

N: How can you tell a witch apart from a normal person in this story?

A: They have two left feet and a glittering green star on the palm of their hand. There’s also something wrong about them that you can’t put your finger on.



Grace Ella Spell for Beginners:  talking about the front cover and the blurb


A: Does the book sound interesting from reading the blurb?

N: Yes, it sounds much better than most other books with witches in that I have read.

A: From the interview with me does it sound more or less interesting?

N: It definitely sound like a book I would like, but it’s going to get more exciting because there are more surprises to come.

A: If you read the blurb from The Witches by Roald Dahl and the blurb from this book, which would you find more interesting and why?

N: I like one better from the other in different ways. The Witches sound like a really made up story and really funny. Grace-Ella seems like it could be real apart from her being a witch. They both sound right up my street.


You can find out more about the publisher Firefly press and some other great reads here

The next book in the Series is: Grace-Ella Witch Camp and it’s even better than the first book. 

The author Grace-Ella Spells for Beginners has created some great resources for both books. You can download them here.



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